Unique Gifts for Gardeners

Tending a garden can quickly grow from a hobby into a lifelong passion. That means the gardener in your life probably already owns a lot of the things they need.

So what do you get the gardener who seems to have everything they need?

These 24 durable, unique gifts for gardeners come in a wide range of prices to fit any budget—including well-tested, specialty garden tools, thoughtfully-designed garden accessories, and durable and attractive gardening apparel—that will surely find a very welcoming new home with the avid gardener in your life.

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Specialty Garden Tools

Japanese hori hori knife with sheath


“Hori hori” is Japanese for “dig dig,” but this tool does so much more! A cross between a knife, a trowel, and a saw, this efficient tool by Barebones can be used to cut roots, divide plants, and dig out weeds, as well as dig holes for potting plants. The hook at the top makes quick work of both bottle tops and garden twine!

Felco left-handed bypass pruners


Felco is the trusted brand in durable, comfortable hand pruners. But most bypass pruners are made for right-handed people. This pair brings the best of Felco’s durable and ergonomic engineering to the southpaw gardeners in your life. (And if your gardener is right-handed and doesn’t have Felco pruners already, get them a pair of right-handed ones—stat!)

Grandpa's weeder and hand weeder


Both of Grandpa’s weeding tools use old-fashioned leverage to easily pry out thistles, dandelions, crabgrass, chickweed and other common garden weeds by the root. The long-handled weeder saves your back by pulling out weeds without bending or kneeling, while the hand weeder is great for smaller weeding tasks.


Soil blockers make a “pot-less” pot, and this is one from Ladbrooke is of the most durable ones out there. Soil blocks can be used for all seeds, and they’re great for starting cuttings as well. Soil blocking offers an eco-friendly system that eliminates the need for plastic seed starting trays, and buying, storing and sanitizing plastic pots.

garden augur attached to a drill and opening a hole in the ground


This hex-cut, heavy-duty steel bulb augur fits any electric or cordless drill, and is perfect for planting flower bulbs, bedding plants, grass plugs and nursery seedlings. It easily digs through most soil types—even heavy clay—while saving you hours of backbreaking work!

WheelEasy cart holding firewood


This folding cart can collect garden refuse, spread mulch, and even move gravel or rocks. Weighing just 15 pounds, this cart allows for easy, ground-level loading so the user can rake, shovel, or slide material into the industrial-strength canvas basin. WheelEasy LE can hold up to 150-pounds and 3 cubic foot of material, centering the load to make lifting and moving easy. Larger size available.

berry comb harvester on a table with blueberries

“Huckleberry Comb” Berry Harvester

This unique berry harvester is based on a centuries-old German design that makes quick work of harvesting firm, round berries like blueberries, cranberries, huckleberries, etc. (NOT recommended for harvesting delicate berries like raspberries or blackberries, which should be picked by hand.)

folding expanding rake in three phases


This lightweight, folding rake is perfect for clearing leaves or debris in tight spaces, and working under hedges and in between perennials and flower patches without damaging the plants. It is the ideal compact, light-duty rake to keep your garden tidy!

japanese serrated sickle


This Hachiemon serrated-blade sickle is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for quickly cutting back perennials, vines and invasive weeds. The carbon steel blade is equipped with large serrated teeth, and will maintain its sharpness. Comes with protective plastic sheath for the blade.

Well-Designed Garden Accessories

Water Right garden hose in eggplant


The Water Right 400 is a durable, light-weight, drinking water-safe garden hose designed for home, garden, RV and boat. It is made from toxin-free polyurethane and utilizes only industrial grade, lead-free fittings. The Water Right hose won’t break or crack and remains flexible in all weather conditions. And it comes in lovely colors!

Vermihut Plus worm composter


The VermiHut Plus is a very well-designed worm composting bin that has advanced features for air-flow, moisture control and pest prevention. Worm composting can be done indoors or outside, and at maximum capacity, your worms can process up to 5 pounds of food scraps per day! A starter kit and User’s Manual are included for this great family activity.

chicken wire plant cloche


Protect your plant seedlings, shrubs and vegetables with these sturdy, galvanized steel garden cloches by Garden Supply Company. They attractively protect your plants against rabbits, squirrels, deer and birds, and at 16-inches wide, will cover bigger plants than most garden cloches. Also has a height extender available. Lifetime warranty.

GSC Garden Scooter in the garden

Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Basket

This sturdy tractor scoot by GSC lets you garden, wash tires, paint baseboards and more from a comfortable seated position. Seat holds up to 400 pounds. Basket holds a 5-gallon bucket and carries up to 40 pounds. Handle extends for pulling, retracts & locks for support. Storage tray holds hand tools and supplies.

seed saving kit

Bamboo Seed saving Kit

This kit includes a sustainable bamboo box with 3 large & 3 small corked seed saver vials, made from tough and durable borosilicate glass. The box has 5 compartments perfectly sized to store seed envelopes, seed storage vials, gloves, and small seed-starting tools.

oak boot pull with brush stand

Old Fashioned Boot Jack and Brush stand

Take off your most rugged, tough boots effortlessly with this old fashioned, handmade, oak boot pull. Attractive and functional addition to any mudroom or porch.

hanging mason bee house


Boost your garden’s productivity by providing a safe home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Slightly smaller than honeybees, mason bees live solo, and are incredible pollinators—20 times as effective as a honeybee! Hang this attractive bamboo house by GSC against a tree or wall where it will get morning sun and attract mason bees.

slate garden markers in succulent pots


Made from 100% natural slate, each of these 10 garden marker stakes is unique, adding a rustic touch to your pots, gardens or flower beds. Just like a traditional blackboard, these slate markers can be written on with white chalk or waterproof chalk pen, and easily wiped clean to be used again and again.

premium steel hose nozzles

Premium Watering NozzleS

Most hose nozzles only last a season or two. These unique hose nozzles from France contain nearly zero plastic, and are truly Best-in-Class. Each nozzle includes a solid brass quick-change fitting so you can swap them out with a simple motion. These do cost more, but all you have to do is to pick one up to know that your children’s children will be using them. The quality is outstanding.

Fun & Functional Garden Apparel

floral leather garden gloves

Heirloom Garden Arm Saver Gloves

These gorgeous garden gloves feature extra long cuffs to protect your arms from scratches, insect bites, and sun exposure. The palms are made from synthetic leather with reinforced thumb and pointer finger for thorn protection. Breathable, lightweight cotton twill arms have a touch of spandex for extra flexibility. Clever drawstrings keep out dirt and debris.

olive green garden knee pads

Memory Foam Knee Pads

Gardeners can spend a lot of time kneeling to tend their plants. These practical knee pads come in fun colors and feature multiple layers of shock-absorbing EVA foam and cushioning memory foam, plus a waterproof neoprene exterior that dries easily and wipes clean. These comfortable knee pads are also great for other household chores, too.

purple garden claw gloves


Channel your inner gopher with these colorful latex and polyester gloves. The strong plastic claws on the fingers are perfect for light raking and digging chores in the garden. While many gardeners raved about the utility of these gloves, they also noted that they are a tad flimsy and wear out with heavy duty, so get a couple pairs. Fortunately, they are inexpensive and make great stocking stuffers.

Duluth gardening overalls on a woman in her garden


These garden overalls by Duluth Trading Company are everything a gardener could hope for! Made from ripstop fabric, they are tough, lightweight, and resistant to stains. Upgraded hardware, 4% spandex and elastic straps let you bend without binding or coming unclipped. Thoughtfully designed knees allow you to kneel without constriction and stay dry when you kneel in damp soil. Best of all, there’s 12 pockets! Men’s version here.

Muck Boots in floral

Muck Boot Women’s Waterproof Boot

Whether you are in the garden, running errands or walking the dog, these best-selling classics are designed to keep your feet warm and dry while shedding mud and debris and providing great traction. Muck Boots are 100% waterproof, with a breathable mesh lining so feet don’t get sweaty. The calf rolls down to ankle height revealing an attractive inner lining. Men’s version here.

gardeners tool belt filled with small hand tools

Womanswork Hip Holster Tool Belt

Lightweight and washable, this adjustable nylon tool belt by WomansWork holds just enough to make your work easier, but not so much that it weighs you down. The tough, reinforced main pocket is Water-, dirt-, and tool-resistant. An additional pocket holds other essentials and a front clip can hold gloves or tools.