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We’d love to hear from you! Just a little heads up, though…

Due to the high volume of emails Small Footprint Family receives daily, it’s very difficult to respond to every email. Please know that I will do my best to respond.

If you are sending a personal story, thought or comment about the Small Footprint Family website—thank you! We truly appreciate hearing from readers. Your stories often make our day!

In the meantime, here are the answers to the most common questions we get:

Can I write an article for Small Footprint Family?

We do not accept posts from companies, freelance writers working for companies, or the many people out there looking for backlinks or link trades. We will NOT reply to these inquiries.

Would you promote my product, service or website? Can I place an ad?
If you are an eco-friendly company or brand, you can find the SFF Media Kit here with site statistics and ad pricing. 

We do not offer backlinks, sponsored posts, articles, or promote anything in exchange for product (unless, of course, you are promoting an electric car!).

Would you publish my infographic?
Maybe. SFF will only consider infographics that are specifically about environmental sustainability and contain data and information from the United States, where most of our readers are located. Then, if we like the infographic, it will have to fit into our seasonal editorial calendar.
Can I republish a post from Small Footprint Family on my site?
No. You are not permitted to repost or reprint any content or images from this site without written permission. All content is copyright of Small Footprint Family™.

Taking content and republishing it without permission is not only not a nice thing to do, but it is a really dumb way to try to build an online business. It might appear as a shortcut, but it isn’t. Your site could be taken down for copyright infringement, and you even could be sued.

Can I link to your posts? Can I share snippets of your content on my own posts?
You may link to any blog post at Small Footprint Family from your own blog. You may share a post excerpt on any social media platform, like Facebook or Pinterest. After all, that’s how the internet works, and sharing is caring.

You may also take short quotes from this site as reference sources in a blog post of your own on the same topic. Quotes must be limited in nature and must include a link to the original post on this site. Please use standard MLA format for citing Small Footprint Family as a reference source. If in doubt, shoot us an email and ask.

Can I ask you about a recipe or article?
If you have a question about a recipe or article on SFF, please use the comments section of that article, or post your question on the SFF Facebook Page, so everyone benefits from the response.

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