Save a Ton of Money with These Planet-Friendly Tips and Tricks!

Are You Overwhelmed by the Idea of “Going Green?”

You read the news about worsening air and water pollution, climate change, droughts and diminishing natural resources, and you worry if your family will have a healthy future. The problem seems so big and overwhelming. What can you do? Why bother?

I’m here to tell you: You have the power and it starts right at home.

Having a nine year-old daughter who is the center of my world, I see the proverbial “writing on the wall” with where we are headed environmentally. I have wanted to throw up my hands at what seems like an unsurmountable, hopeless problem. I fear for my daughter’s future. That’s why I wrote this book.

Change starts with each of us, right where we each live. It’s not all or nothing. By making a series of small, doable “baby-step” changes, in aggregate, you will make a big difference—in your wallet and in the health of the air, water and soil we depend on.

Are You Ready to Make A Difference?

In this book I’ll share my extensive research into why today’s environmental problems exist. I’ll give you all the facts and data you need to understand the issues, then share simple steps that you can easily implement right away.

You can start saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year, be empowered to greater self-sufficiency, reduce your carbon, water, energy and consumption footprints and have a tangible sense that you ARE making that difference.

What are You Waiting For?

  • Discover how to save up to $200 a year simply by lowering your thermostat to this setting. (Chapter 8)
  • Learn how to save 7,500 gallons of water and $140 in electricity costs every year, just by installing these inexpensive plumbing items. (Chapter 12)
  • Get your home or business electricity from solar for less than the cost of your current utility bill—and lock in those prices for years to come. (Chapter 11)
  • Follow these steps to buy all your organic produce and pasture-raised meat, dairy and eggs at wholesale cost (Chapter 21)

Sustainability Starts at Home will show you how to do all of this, plus give you hundreds more inspiring tips that will save you thousands of dollars a year—simply by making adjustments to how you maintain your home and make your day-to-day purchases.

This book pays for itself (and then some) with the first tip you implement!

Take Your First Step Today!

testimonial for Sustainability Starts at Home

I know that if you are here on this page, you are deeply concerned about the state of the world, and you worry about where we are headed if we keep doing things the same old way we always have been.

And, I know you care a lot about the environment and your family’s future. You feel passionate about making a difference.

But it can often be challenging to know where to start.

And if you’ve already started and gotten comfortable with things like composting or making your own non-toxic housecleaning solutions, you might want to know how to take your passion for green living and self-sufficiency to the next level.

This book has just what you need!

Sustainability Starts at Home has 338 large-print pages of ideas, tips, facts and inspiration to help you live a simpler, more sustainable and frugal life—no matter what level of knowledge you are starting from.

You can do it, and every little effort does make a difference!

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Get the book and begin your transformation to a healthier, happier, more sustainable life today!

(Please note: The paperback version of this book is large-print so my father, young people, and everyone who is vision impaired can better read it. Choose the Kindle version to read my book tree-free on any computer, tablet or phone with the Kindle Reader App.)

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