WINNER: Homelab’s Healthy Home Program ($99 Value)

GIVEAWAY: Homelab's Healthy Home Program

Do you know what is in the air in your home? Could you be breathing in mold? Phthalates? VOCs? Radon? Toxic fire retardants?

The HomeLab Healthy Home Program was designed to help you identify the specific pollutants in your home, then give you a specific plan for removing them. After you create a home profile and note key activities that can impact your home’s health, HomeLab’s building scientists will then provide a tailored healthy home plan for you, starting with no-cost activities. These DIY tips alone can remove up to 40% of toxins and pollutants in a home.

HomeLab has been generous enough to offer one of their awesome Healthy Home Programs to a lucky Small Footprint Family reader in this month’s giveaway!

The Healthy Home Program is worth $99, and includes:

  • A tailored healthy home plan from HomeLab’s Home Doctors which you can access via the computer or the HomeLab app anytime.
  • A customized Home Fitness activity routine to help you eliminate the activities that are creating toxins and pollutants in your home. The Home Fitness routine alone can remove up to 40% of your toxins and pollutants!
  • A personal Home Detox plan to remove toxic sources and prevent pollution from coming inside. HomeLab’s Home Doctors will assess your home’s structure, gas appliances, flooring, beds, furniture and other key home items that emit, offgas, or allow pollutants in, and then guide you through each recommendation, making it easy to create a healthy home.

A Win for Everyone!

600x400-mom-trialWhile there can only be one prize winner in this particular giveaway, you can give yourself and your family the gift of a truly healthy home this year. HomeLab is offering SFF readers 25% off all their Healthy Home Programs, so you can discover what toxins are lurking in your home’s air and get rid of them once and for all.

Just use code SFF to get your discount!

Homelab’s Healthy Home Program is already making a noticeable difference in the air quality in my home, and given how most homes have air quality 2-5 times worse than outdoors, I think it’ll will make a difference in your home, too. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a non-toxic home this year.

The winner is listed in the app below.

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