The Complete Guide to Egg Carton Labels

by Small Footprint Family

(and What They Really Mean)

Finding eggs that are safe, nutritious and humanely raised can be a challenge, and the labels on egg cartons certainly don’t help. Sometimes they can even be deceptive…

Even certified organic eggs can come from hens living in inhumane, factory conditions!


Industrial-scale egg producers are gaming the system, producing "cage-free," "free-range," and “organic” eggs in huge factory farms, crowding tens of thousands of chickens in two-story buildings with small porches passing as “outdoor access."

Imagine 80,000 hens in a single building, crowded in confinement conditions, on “farms” warehousing hundreds of thousands or a million birds. Is that organic?

What Kind of Eggs Should I Buy?

Grades AA, A and B Eggs

Pasteurized Eggs

Battery Cage Eggs

“Cage-Free” or “Free Range"

"Vegetarian Fed" Eggs

Learn more about each type of egg!

Pasture-Raised Eggs