The Complete  Guide to Sugar and Sugar Substitutes

Natural Health

by Small Footprint Family

The average American eats 60 pounds of sugar per person, per year.

You can easily consume at least a quarter pound of sugar a day!

Too much sugar causes weight gain, insulin spikes, high triglycerides and inflammation, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease,  dementia,  and more.

But there are some sweetener options that can be delicious additions to a healthy diet.

Discover delicious,  low calorie natural sweetener alternatives.

Get the lowdown on over 25 different kinds of sugar and sugar substitutes—and how they effect your health and  the environment.

Learn where different sugars come from, how they work in the kitchen, and which you should avoid.

Take a look at our guide!

White Sugars

Brown Sugars

Liquid Sugars

Sugar Alcohols

Sugar-Free Sweeteners