Apex Shower Filter

This awesome shower filter removes chlorine AND fluoride so you don’t absorb these toxins through your skin! Softer skin and hair too!

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Universally designed to fit all standard shower heads and arms, this filter is capable of removing up to 99 percent of all chlorine and fine particulates along with fluoride from water before it leaves the shower head.

Recommended for individuals with sensitive or dry skin or scalps, the filter does not require any modifications to your plumbing for installation. Maintaining the unit is simple as well. Just replace the cartridge inside once every 12 to 18 months to keep your system functioning at its best.

  • Easy DIY install. No plumbing required.
  • Fits all modern shower arms and shower head designs.
  • Avoid dry skin, flaky scalp, dandruff, and fading colored hair. As a result enjoy Healthier, Softer Skin and Hair.
  • Strong Fluoride & Chlorine removal with 17 ounces of KDF-55 along with Activated Alumina.
  • Each cartridge lasts between 12 to 18 months.

Combine with the Vita-Fresh Vitamin C shower filter for comprehensive shower water filtration.