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Simply Conserve Low Flow 1.5 GPM Faucet Aerator

Fresh water is precious. Save even more water at the kitchen sink with this swivel aerator!

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This highly efficient 1.5-Gallon per minute faucet aerator increases spray velocity, reduces splash, saves water and saves the energy used to heat water.

Aerators are dual threaded to fit both male and female faucets. This kitchen aerator has two sprays, a pause lever to slow the flow for bonus savings and swivels 360 degrees for fast, efficient sink-rinsing.

  • 1.5-Gallon per minute flow rate
  • Two spray settings: Push up for bubble stream and pull down for wide, full-force spray
  • 15/16-Inch Dual Threaded
  • 360 degree swivel for fast, efficient sink-rinsing
  • Additional Pause feature for bonus savings
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