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Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Kit

This easy to install drip irrigation kit can save a lot of water and prevent garden diseases by watering your plants right at the root zone, where it will do the most good.

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The Gardener’s Drip Kit is a convenient, all-in-one drip irrigation system that includes everything needed to drip irrigate a garden or landscaped area of up to 75 square feet with maximum watering efficiency; hydrating the root zone of plants for better health and watering savings up to 40%.

The kit features Rain Bird’s rugged 1/2” emitter tubing with built-in pressure compensating emitters every 18” to provide uniform end-to-end watering of vegetable rows, ground cover and other closely spaced plants. Attaches easily to your outside faucet with included multi-function Faucet Connection Kit; which takes care of: regulating pressure, filtering sediment and preventing back flow.

Pressure-compensating emitters are included for spot watering of individual plants. The watering devices are clog resistant and specifically designed to provide dependable watering of all plants, helping ensure consistent growth, better vegetable yields and resistance to disease. Includes an installation tool that simplifies insertion and removal of small barbed fittings and emitters.