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Urban Farming for Kids Provides Vital Lifeskills

The Urban Farming for Kids class is an amazing resource for any family that is homesteading and for schools with gardening, agriculture or 4-H programs.

For many years, I taught gardening to inner-city high school students in Washington, D.C.  We used the school grounds and derelict school greenhouses to grow tons of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits—often providing the only fresh produce the students got to eat all day.

It was one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had in my career.

There is something really exciting about seeing urban kids turned on by getting their hands dirty and experiencing the tasty rewards of their own handiwork. And since so many of the kids I worked with ate mostly cheap, processed food, had never seen a vegetable growing, and genuinely believed that apples were manufactured in factories, teaching them how to garden was also imparting to them an important lifeskill that would serve them into adulthood.

That’s why the Urban Farming for Kids video class made by DaNelle over at Weed ‘Em and Reap has got me so excited!

Are you ready to help your kids be the change in the world?

Every kid—urban, suburban or rural—should know where there food comes from, and have at least a basic knowledge of how to plant and nurture a seed to its tasty fruition.

And how much more fun can acquiring this skill be than when it is learned from other kids? 

Check out this awesome video preview from the class about how to milk a goat…

Is that adorable or what?!?!

The Urban Farming for Kids class is taught in a series of videos featuring Ethan, age 7, and Lydia, Age 9, DaNelle’s two cute-as-pie children who will teach your kids how to do the child-ready homestead chores they do every day.

And this class also has free downloadable checklists for parents and teachers so you can get all the materials you need for each lesson well in advance.

Your kids will learn skills like:

How to Raise Chickens

  • Getting Started with baby chicks
  • Food requirements for baby chicks
  • Water for baby chicks
  • Shelter for baby chicks
  • Proper temperatures for baby chicks
  • Where to buy baby chicks and supplies
  • Caring for older chickens
  • The best age to buy older chickens
  • Parts of a coop
  • Food & Water
  • Gathering Eggs
  • Health & Safety for your chickens
  • Pasture-raising vs. Coop raising

How to Raise Goats

  • Getting started with baby goats
  • Buying a male vs. female goat
  • Which breed of goat is best?
  • Food for baby goats
  • De-horning baby goats
  • Caring for adult goats
  • Food requirements for adult goats
  • Supplements for adult goats
  • Shelter for goats
  • Breeding your goats
  • Caring for your pregnant doe
  • Getting ready for baby goats to be born
  • Taking care of brand new baby goats
  • Milking your goat

Growing a Garden

  • What you need to know before starting a garden
  • Growing seasonally
  • Finding the perfect spot for your garden
  • How to prepare your soil
  • What to add to your garden
  • Trying new veggies
  • How to plant seeds
  • Watering your seeds
  • Weeding you garden
  • Harvesting your veggies
  • Fencing your garden

All taught by kids, for kids!

This class is PERFECT for any family that is homesteading or farming, and it’s also an amazing resource for schools with gardening, agriculture or 4-H programs.

I wish I had had these videos available back when I was teaching gardening in schools. They would have helped so much!

But it’s not too late for you!

Check out the Urban Farming for Kids Class here.

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  • Thank you, Small Footprint Family! Your ideas and sharing innovations is second to none! We are so grateful for you! Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN – Founder of Center for Conscious Kids

  • I love this concept! We live in a tiny suburban home and we keep 7 chickens, garden all over our small property, and we grow fruit trees in barrels. My girls love all of it! They would probably love to take a class from another child to see if we can learn things they don’t already know!

  • This is a pretty fantastic idea, even for areas I wouldn’t consider “urban”. Anything we can do to get kids interested in the natural world, and more in touch with where their food/products come from is a great thing!