GIVEAWAY: 9-Piece Granite-Ware Canning Kit

Summer is here and it’s time to think about how you are going to preserve the harvest. Whether you score a cheap crate of “irregular” veggies at the farmer’s market or have waaaaaaay too many zucchini from your own garden, water-bath canning can be a great way to put the extra by for the winter. 

In honor of reaching 10,000 fans on Facebook, I want to give away something nice to all of you readers who are doing so much to be healthier and more sustainable at home and in your communities.

You voted for it on Facebook, and here it is! This month’s giveaway is this awesome 9-piece canning kit!

This kit includes:

  • 21-quart canner with lid
  • 7-jar rack
  • 9-inch colander
  • lid wrench,
  • funnel,
  • tongs,
  • safety coated jar lifter, and
  • magnetic lid lifter

It’s made with durable enamel-on-steel construction that heats quickly and efficiently. It’s safe to use on both gas and electric stovetops, but do not use the canner pot on glass cooktops (does not have a flat bottom).

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  • The giveaway begins June 27, 2013 and will end July 11 at 11:59pm PST.
  • This giveaway is hosted and paid for by Dawn Gifford and Small Footprint Family.
  • The prize was selected by informal Facebook vote, and is one Granite-Ware 9-Piece Canning kit, valued at $40. The odds of winning are approximately 1 in 300, though it depends on how many people enter the giveaway.
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  • I have never canned before but this is my year! I started working on a farm and have so much produce. I would LOVE to be able to get an entire kit to show me the way! 🙂

  • Also, I have grand designs to can up enough marinara and stewed tomatoes for the entire year…no lead, no bpa, no supporting a company associated with Monsanto, no waste. I have tomatoes in the garden and plans to buy cases of heirlooms at the farmer’s market.

  • It’s about time for blackberries. I would sugar some blackberries and can them for year-long uses. Also, there are some good deals on summer fruit at the farmer’s market…perfect for nectarine butter, peach butter, etc. Also, apples are not too far away…applesauce for the whole year is a good plan.

  • I would can apple sauce! It has been a tradition in my family since I was little, and I plan to continue the tradition in my family.

  • I have been wanting to start with jellies and get comfortable with the canning process. We’ll see after that! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I am brand new to canning. The same great friend who introduced me to your site has helped me learn about gardening, canning and many more awesome things! I would love this set to start me on my journey. I am certainly interested in the tomato products- tomato sauce, salsa, stewed tomatoes… I am excited!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • So awesome! I would do apricots from my in-laws trees, and help them do theirs too! And pears. And everything else I can get my hands on 🙂

  • I would preserve strawberry and blackberry jam. Also some peppers, tomatoes, salsa..oh and maybe some apple sauce! I’m sure I’ll find tons of things to can!

  • Am hoping my 54 tomato plants give me enough to can this year. You can’t count your chickens before they’re hatched!

  • I would love to use this to preserve the beans, tomatoes, and peppers I’m growing!

  • So SAD to say-here in East Texas our gardens are just about gone for the summer! But Fall will be upon us before too long and the planting will begin again! Maybe more tomato salsa-yummy!-peppers will still need to be processed and the pears will be ripe before too much longer as well!

    • I would can some veggies from my garden and make some jam with fresh fruit from the market!

  • I would probably can some peaches first… I don’t grow any of those yet but I would love to be able to have them on hand for cobbler. I would also want to can the veggies I grow in my garden.

  • I would can everything I could! Tomatoes, strawberry jam, peaches, pears.. I would love to be able to put up fruits and veggies for homemade dishes!

  • I recently fermented my very first half-sour pickles! i keep finding kirbies on sale at the vegetable stands so I’ll have to buy in bulk and can them!
    also… in the winter I miss heirloom tomatoes the most from summer time and this year I have plants in the backyard so I would definitely can those when I get the kit 😉

  • I would be putting up everything in the garden. As the hubs lives in a different state and I planted a ton in my backyard – the stove WILL be on a little bit everynight putting up what I pick that day so I don’t lose it.

  • I would put up everything from salsa, tomato sauce, applesauce to strawberry jam! Oh and apple butter too!

  • I would use it to can peaches, ollalieberries and strawberries. I haven’t tried tomatoes or tomato sauce before, but it sounds like a good idea!

  • I would can the undesirable fruit and veggies in the marked-down section at the grocery store 🙂 Plus I would LOVE to make jams, and pickled yummies!

    • Oh and my newest obsession is fermented foods so I will be pickling cucumbers, beets and whatever else I can get my hands on!

  • This is my first year growing anything and my three tomato plants are six feet high! I think I will need to do some canning 🙂 I have never canned before, either, so this would be great to have.

  • I would can everything that we get at the Farmer’s Market that we couldn’t use up each week!

  • Love how you can see through the top! Very cool.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome dehydrator!

  • Peaches, tomatoes and berries this summer (jams too) and then this fall applesauce and pears!

  • My first garden this year! Trying to eat healthier. I would can tomatoes, salsa, and jam to start with.

    Sure do need this canning kit!

  • I would can many different tomato products, along with jams and anything else I have coming out of my garden or produce I would be picking locally.

  • I would love to can a variety of fruit spreads, pickles, and other goodies with summer produce.

  • I won’t buy one, but if I win one, I would definitely can more. I’d do pickles, pineapples, peaches, pickled veggies, and whatever new recipes I could come up with. I haven’t tried out tomatoes yet.

  • I’m just beginning to learn about canning. The garden is doing much better this year, so hoping to can beans, tomatoes, pickles and pumpkin.

  • I would love to preserve the tomatoes that I’m growing. I have been interested in canning/preserving and would love to get into it.

  • I would can everything I could get my hands on. My husband is out picking blackberries at this moment, and I have started a rather large garden this year. I may have over done the tomatoes though. I think I have about 110 tomatoes planted, so lots of pasta sauce, salsa, and catsup.

  • Tomato’s. I have never canned before but am planning on learning this summer!

  • My old canner is so tired! I have tomatoes a waiting and really want to can grape juice this year!

  • I remember my Grandmother canning all the time. I’ve been thinking about starting myself. Like so many people I am tired of all the chemicals in the food you buy at the store. This would be a great start towards fewer chemicals in anyone’s food supply!

  • My daughter and I are on a quest to regain our health…and we are working on growing, preparing and preserving all of our food… Feeling so much better…. This would set would be a huge help!!

  • I would use the canner to help seal the jars of jams, jellies, juices, pickles and all the lovely recipes you can make with tomatoes. We enjoy a bountiful garden and the canner will be used to process those fresh ingredients.

  • The first thing I’d make in this canner is some Rhubarb BBQ Sauce.. I just found the recipe today and think it sounds wonderful!

  • I would use this for all of the yummy veggies in my garden this year!Oh and some blueberry jam!=)

  • What a great prize. I am just learning about canning and have been overwhelmed at the cost to get started. This would be such a blessing!

  • My goodness, the possibilities are endless: Zucchini, yellow squash, pickles, tomato sauce, green beans. My garden is almost ready to be canned. I can’t wait!

  • Just about everything I get my hands on at the farmer’s market will get canned. Homemade jams and jellies for sure!

  • I am anticipating a huge harvest of tomatoes later this summer. I’ll want to make some sauce or stewed tomatoes with the extras we’ll have on hand.

  • We have a large garden and each year I jar tomatoes but this year I am determined that everything is going to be jarred that we can’t eat immediately. I want nothing to go to waste!

  • I grew up canning applesauce and tomatoes with my big family. Now I have five little whippersnappers of my own and they would not let me miss an autumn without making dozens of golden jars of applesauce. I always borrow my mom’s canning supplies, but I ought to get my own soon. 🙂

  • I have never canned before but I am hoping to can some peach jam, pickles and green beans. I am so hoping it goes well :). Thanks!

  • I would can applesauce, peaches, salasa, other tomato stuff… A fun giveaway, thank you!!

  • Would like to can some pickles, and some tomatoes, always have a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes in our garden..

  • I’m not sure what I’d can, as it would depend on what we had extra, and doing the research as to what kinds of things I can put up in this kind of canner. Do you can pesto or salsa in this type of canner?
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  • I would can anything I come up with! Veggies, apple sauce, soups, pre made meals. Our friend Misty has even shown us how to can chicken a la king! Fresh veggies can be hard to come by depending on where we live (military), when there is a farmers market around I wanna keep all I can
    : )

  • I’d like some day to try my hand at canning whatever excess bounty that comes my way…pickles, beans, squash, tomatoes….. thank-you for this opportunity!

  • I want to make pickles and jams and salsa and preserves and anything else I can imagine in a jar on my shelf. I have so many ideas rolling around in my head, this would be the perfect product to bring them to fruition!

  • When I was a girl, I loved canning – especially tomatoes and pickles. Those will be the first things I make when I start canning again.

  • I would start with tomatoes, peaches, and elderberry jelly. I would love to create memories with my grandchildren. Some happy memories of my grandmother and I can’t help but smile when I hear ping ping ping. She would feign surprise and jump and grin. I can still see the sparkle in her eyes

  • I would can tomato sauce! I’ll be canning it either way but this would make it WAY easier!

  • Oh my goodness! I would can everything I could. Salsa, veggies, jams….the possibilities would be endless LOL

  • I would preserve Roma tomatoes so that I could make homemade marinara and salsa anytime of the year!

  • I love canning homemade salsa… the hotter the better.. My whole family stands in line for a jar… I would have to can year round to keep up with all the requests.

  • My family and I will be selling fresh homegrown veggies at the farmers market soon and I’ve been saying how I want to start doing my desserts in a jar!

  • Wow, this is amazing! I would love the opportunity to can anything! I’m starting my first garden ever this week, after joining all of these wonderful health conscious blogs. My neighbor said I could start with peppers, tomatoes, and squash for the time of year and location. I hope that I produce enough to can my veggies, but if not, I can always help my neighbor can his beautiful garden! Due to some extreme health issues which have affected my cash flow, this would be a wonderful way for me to save money, eat more healthy, and contribute my own time to healing the Earth!

  • Definitely tomatos, and homemade apple sauce in the fall! They just taste so much better than the store-bought variety.

  • Tomatoes: pasta sauce, homemade pizza sauce, etc. And rhubarb. We have tons of rhubarb and I usually end up freezing it. Canning would be so much nicer.

  • I would can all of the tomatoes I am growing this season to use in recipes over the winter so I don’t have to buy canned tomatoes.

  • The basics – diced tomatoes, salsa, jams, fruit for canning, pickles of all sorts

  • I plan to can cherries and peaches this year. Maybe some tomatoes, but my own crop is not producing much.

  • I canned for the first time this year! Made strawberry jam…but my I do not have a canning pot, would love this! I am hoping to make blueberry jam as well as tomato sauce, salsa etc… to store for the winter!

  • I am normally a freeze things kinda gal but I have been told that I should start using my tomatoes, peppers and onions to can my salsa. This would be a perfect way to start. 🙂

  • I actually was looking at ordering this very kit off Amazon earlier today! My husband has some allergy issues that are the cause of my wanting to start canning healthy foods. I would love to use this kit to can homemade diced tomato, green beans, jellies, and pickles!

  • I have expanded my gardening area in hopes to have enough produce to can for my family. Still need equipment to do so though, so this would be a God send.

  • I planted LOTS of tomatoes this year and can hardly wait to finish the process by canning tomatoes and salsas and pasta sauces!

  • I would love to try canning tomatillos…we love anything green sauce and tomatillos are so hard to come by out of season.

  • I would love to start canning. Growing up I remember my grandmother and mother doing it and I remember the shelves full all year with home canned goods. This would be the perfect set to get me started.

  • This looks like a great kit to start my canning adventure. I did it once years ago but, really hope to get going on canning this year. Starting with tomatoes.

  • We have alot of zucchini (sp) and tomotoes. Can’t wait to can sauces, etc.

  • I’d first can a delicious stuffed green pepper soup that my fiance LOVES and mail it too him since he’s deployed.

    Than I’d can some carrots! Canned carrots soak up flavors in soups like nothing else!

  • I love to can! My Mamaw taught me how b4 she went home. I am so blessed! My canner however had seen better days and was old when I got it. So I was not able to can for the last couple of years. I would love to get back to cannin again with this awesome package! I love to can homemade soup, tomatoes, green beans, applesauce, apple butter, apple pie fillin, etc. I have found some wonderful recipes I would love to try out like strawberry-rhubarb pie fillin. I am so excited!! Ya’ll have a great day and happy cannin!!

  • I’d use this hot bath canner to process all my high acid veggies and fruits along with blanching and preparing food for long term storage. Good luck to all!

  • I have to do tomatoes and salsa this year. With those new tools I might not burn my fingers this year for a change.

  • Love to try making baked beans instead of the canned ones you buy that are sugar laden that my son loves.

  • I’d definitely preserve berries, tomatoes, and I’d probably have to make my husband some mango chutney!

  • I canned a lot of jellies last year and looking forward to adding tomatoes sauce to those this year.

  • I’d love to can the tomatoes that I’m growing as sauce, ketchup, and salsa. Plus make jam from the fruit I get from the local farmer’s market

  • There is a wild blackberry patch near my home. I would try to make blackberry jam for the first time.

  • I would like to make some salsa and watermelon preserves like my granny use 2 make:)

  • I would use it for EVERYTHING that I have extra that passes thru my kitchen! And would share with the seniors in my neighborhood.

  • I had to leave most of my things in the last town I lived in, including my canning kit. I just bought a house and my first garden in my very own house is underway. Cant wait to can the results (if there are any left, we keep eating them right off the plant lol.)

  • This canning kit would be perfect for all the jams and jellies that I will be making this summer!

  • last year in Poland I made apple sauce for the first time. I would prepare things that are expensive or hard to get in the stores

  • i have become obsessed with jams…mebbe a fig jam or some sort of chutney…not sure but something easy to begin with 🙂

  • I would use this set to learn how to can fruit and veggies I’m planning on growing or purchase from the farmers market very close to home.

  • What a great starter kit! Oh the joy I would find in using the bundle (to name a few..) to can tomatoes, salsas, berries, syrups, chocolate and butterscotch sauces (dairy- and sugar- free!), squashes, artichokes, asparagus, beans, oh the list goes on!

  • I would LOVE to be able to can EVERYTHING that is growing in my organic garden! We have tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, summer squash, beans of all types, watermelon, cantaloupe, okra…we’ll also be planting a fall garden which will include cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower…This is our first year of gardening organically and we’re looking forward to growing enough to last thru the year! We also have wild plums, and blackberries we’re making into jellies, jams, tarts and pie filling. This canner would make an awesome addition to my pressure canner simply because it’s a lot easier to carry around then the BIG canner!!
    thanks 😉

  • i just picked some fresh blueberries and blackberries and my husband has asked me to make some jam

  • I would use this canner for peaches, pears, cherries, bread and butter pickles and green tomato relish…just to name a few!

  • We bought a house about a yr ago with some fruit tree’s on the property & we also planted a veggie garden that’s growing nicely. I been wanting to get started on some canning,but i don’t have a canning set yet i’m wanting to put up some preserves for my children & granchilden to fall back on if needed or just to use for now,so hopefully i’ll be able to accomplish that some time this yr. 🙂

  • I read about this set on Amazon and I think what I’d love canning most is fruit! I have a peach tree that I’m hoping will yield much fruit. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • I would be canning all my garden vegs in this.Very nice can see a million uses for a canner this size..

  • I want to do my own tomatoes and spaghetti sauce, and hopefully some tuna and shredded chicken 🙂

  • Love following your blog….. If I were younger, I think I would travel more. Almost 60 here and wishing to experience life in other countries. Right now just started fermenting and pickling like crazy. Ready to start canning!

  • Salsa, I’ve never canned before but want to learn. I’d do all the tomato based canning first, like salsa, ketchup.

  • First would be to get some of my ripe tomatoes canned.Next would be green tomato relish and Pickle relish. Oh my,…so much to do,in such a short time.

  • This will be my second year canning. I plan on tomato sauce, paste and salsa. zucchini relish, lemon cucumber pickles, salsa verde and other tomatillo sauces. plum sauce and jam, ground cherry jam and pie filling. Applesauce and apple pie filling. Oh, and apple butter! And Im sure a bunch of things that I haven’t thought of yet.

  • tomatoes, corn, and beans from my garden…because hopefully, I will have way more than I can eat while fresh!!!

  • My favorite food to can is applesauce and strawberry jam. I am hoping to soon learn how to make and can apple butter though!

  • I can everything I can find. Jams, Jellies, Fruit, veggies. I have peaches that are working their way to ripening. My garden is growing and hopefully will be ready soon.

  • Jams/jellies, apple butter, applesauce, peaches, pears, syrup, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, salsa, pickles, relish, dilly beans, pickled beets, and probably many more. I love canning!

  • I have always wanted to learn how to do canning, especially meals. What a wonderful prize- good luck to all!

  • My first year gardening would put up my tomatoes, peppers and squash and make jellies from my friend’s fruit trees this would help so much in helping me save what little money I have.

  • I would use this set to learn how to can! I’ve been wanting to for a while, but didn’t have the funds to pick up the stuff. Things are tight right now. I really want to start making my own spaghetti sauces as well as jams/jellies and preserves by going to the farmer’s markets in the area.

  • i would love to own this one i have been learning to can from family for a couple yrs now try something new every month nothin taste better than opening a jar of homemade goodies in the off season 🙂

  • I would use it to make strawberry and peach jams, as well as tomato sauce. We go through a lot of that, and I would much rather use homemade canned sauce instead of the store bought canned stuff.

  • I would be a canning queen…preserving everything and anything I could get my hands on!!!

  • I would can any and everything I could,lol…we are new canners and are very excited about learning the process!

  • I will be canning lots of tomato products! spagetti sauce – salsa..etc.. I have about 30 tomato plants that are about ready to start pulling!! Yay!

  • Haven’t had a lot of experience with canning but I would like to can some kumquat marmalade and also some homemade pickles.

  • New to canning and this would help in the rite direction. So i would preserve my tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, salsas to start, but would venture so much further with it later.

  • Tomatoes, squash, jalapeños, pickled okra. This is my 2nd year gardening and will be my 1st year to can! I would love my very own canning set up instead if borrowing my neighbor’s!

  • Something I’ve been wanting to learn how to do.With a Family of 5 I like to prepare food ahead of time

  • I want to try my hand at tomato jelly, hot pepper jelly, and any other unusally jelly recipes I can find….. maybe even Mountain Dew jelly!

  • Tomatoes would be my canning priority (I’m a tomato junkie), but everything is fair game. 🙂

  • I would finally have my first canning set and can some of the vegetables I’m growing.

  • I would love to start canning fresh veggies- I remember my grandmother always doing it and I would like to continue that legacy!

  • we can whole tomato. chopped tomato spaghetti sauce enchilada sauce chili base juice. then green beans corn cherries blue berries

  • I would make a lot of jelly, can soup, fruits, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and vegetables from my garden.

  • I’m looking forward to putting up the abundance of tomatoes I have growing. Hopefully will get enough green beans to put some up as well. I LOVE CANNING……..and sure could use another canning pot.

  • My ex sold all my canning gear, so i am trying to rebuild it all. this would really get me off to a good start.Last year did a few tomatoes, it was hard without my stuff. I plan to can tomatoes, green beans pickles, okra, jalapenos,etc.

  • I’d love to have this. It’s my first year canning. I planted my first garden with all heirloom seeds. My tomato and beans could use this.

  • I’d definitely can what I cannot eat from my harvest in the fall. Also spaghetti sauce and salsa

  • Lots of tomatoes, jams, jellies. I give homemade canned goods and baked breads to my family and friends at Christmas. I would give this to my daughter as she is always borrowing my canning supplies!

  • Graniteware is awesome. I have a roasting pan that was my grandmother’s that I couldn’t do without!

  • Started gardening three years ago and have been wanting to learn how to can. This nice set would definitely motivate me. Oh, the things I would do…..

  • I would use this to finally start saving money by putting up part of my harvest every year! I’ve always wanted to can!

  • lots of jelly & whatever fruits I can get lots of ….also salsa & some tomato sauce & who knows what else????

  • What a wonderful kit! I think I’d have a hard time choosing what to can first. LOL I would love to make some strawberry jam!!!

  • I would like to can tomato sauce, salsa, and dilled beans this summer. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I would absolutely love to win this…my husband is canning right now as we speak. I would love to win this for him as it would make things so much easier for him. He will be canning many things this summer. thank you so much for this great giveaway. 🙂

  • I am new to the canning world, but I love eating local fruits and veggies all year round! So I would can tomatoes, green beans, sauces, applesauce, and various fruit 🙂

  • oh, goodness, what wouldn’t I can?
    grape jelly or strawberry jam are my favorites, and my husband loves my home made grapefruit marmalade!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to make a tangelo marmalade if I won this canning kit!

  • I love that set. It looks like the one my mother had when I was younger. I know that this year I’ll be doing up tomato soup, spaghetti sauces and stewed tomatoes. Yes I love tomatoes and I grow them alot.

  • I enjoy canning and freezing fresh vegies and fruits. I belong to a csa and also tried a garden of my own and much to my surprise it is doing wonderful. I will have vegies galore. My favorites are tomatoes, peaches, applesauce and jams. If I could win this I could put it to good use.

    • I would love to make pickled beets and beet pickled eggs. Bread and butter pickles, plus cinnamon preserved Apple slices. Yummy.

  • would like to give gifts of homemade jams/preserves/& tomato sauce to my friends/family far away

  • I’ve just discovered the world of canning so I’ll be canning anything I can get my hands on!!

  • I want to can whatever I can from the summer/fall farmer’s markets……..jam, tomato sauce, fermented foods. Would love this to help get started!!

  • I’d can everything! We grow tomatos & zucchini in our garden and I have been looking through thrift shops for canning equipment that we can afford for weeks! <3

  • Can’t wait to start canning! Planning to make salsa, spagetti sauce, jelly, fermented foods and more! So excited for this year’s harvest from the garden!

  • Applesauce, tomatoes, salsa, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, maybe a few pickled peppers and eggplant. Lots of things! Jellies, jams…

  • The last few years I’ve been leaning towards a greener and healthier lifestyle. Growing/canning my own foods would be a wonderful next step!

  • I’m just getting started with canning, and am looking forward to canning up some yummy things for our pantry. I’d love to make some jellies and pie Fillings!

  • I would love to have this set so I can process all the tomatoes, apples as well as elderberries that are coming on now. Thanks for the chance!

  • I would love to make some homemade dill pickles like my grandmother used to make. I have her pickling cookbook and would like to put it to good use. Thanks!!!

  • I’ll be working on peaches this weekend. Hopefully I’ll get some tomatoes to put up this summer. I need a canner like this. In my current pot I can only do up to pint size containers.

  • tomato sauce, peach ketchup, and pickled peppers – all homegrown, sugar free and gluten free!

  • I’d preserve my homemade strawberry jam, and maybe try making pickles!

    Check out my blog at:

  • Just found your website through Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways #78 and signed up for your emails. Even after 50 years of gardening & canning there is always more to learn and am looking forward to your emails. My old canner is getting pretty chipped up and would love to win this set, thank you for the opportunity!

    • Our strawberries are growing like crazy! I can’t wait until we can make strawberry jam; a recipe handed down from my Grandpa.

      A group of friends and my family are planning a canning party with some of the items being donated to the food bank.

  • I would love to can my own fresh made tomato and marinara sauces. We also have a soda stream maker so we make our own syrup and bottle that (it is so much better than store bought pop). I would also like to try my hand at some home made apple butter and a few other fruit dishes.

  • I would can LOTS of goodies from my garden. Greenbeans, corn, tomatoes, peas, as well as make jams & jellies 😉

  • First Garden this year, and we made it a Family/Community Garden! We could definitely use this system to can all of our amazing organic veggies!

  • I would love to do jams/jellies with all the great seasonal fruit. My mom made jelly every summer and I would love to continue the tradition.

  • Oops! I would preserve tomatoes. LOTS of tomatoes! I’d like to try my hand at pickles as well. Probably some green beans…and pumpkin! Love homemade pumpkin puree.

  • I’m in need of a set like this! My husband and I started our first garden this year and are planning on doing as much canning as possible..but we don’t have the gear yet!

  • I canned for the first time last summer. I made salsa which my son ate before winter was over. That was so encouraging that I plan to make a lot more this year!

  • Would love to can berries, like local strawberries, currants and gooseberries from the u-pick farm.

  • Oh, my goodness. I’ve already been up to my elbows in raspberries this year, I’ve made jam and syrup and I plan to try a couple of new recipes as well. I would love to use this set to do so!!!

  • We have a bumper crop of tomatoes in the garden, and I want to enjoy them in the dead of winter! Thanks for the contest!

  • Growing my first garden this year and I planted lots of tomatoes! We eat a lot of canned in the winter and I want to try doing it myself. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  • this would be great! We have a veggie garden and I would love to can the veggies we don’t eat immediately to have all winter too!

  • I’d preserve extras from my garden and treasures from the farmers’ market to provide peak freshness yummies until next years crops are ready

  • Everything! This year I would like to try canning spaghetti sauce and I need to restock other things.

  • There absolutely can’t be a healthier way to eat than preserving our own foods. We know how it is prepared and the contents, which in my case would be organic. Healthier foods mean a healthier body.

  • I would happily can anything I grow and offer my canning services to my community to “Can for Good” any produce anyone is willing to donate.

  • I’d preserve anything extra from my garden and from the farmers’ market to provide peak of freshness goodness to my family until next years crops came in

  • I would use this to do salsa and can tomatoes. I have about 12 plants that just started to bloom!

  • I would preserve my “extras” I am trying to learn to waste less food, by preserving the excess.

  • Mainly Tomato everything from speghetti sauce to ketchup to homemade V8….plus canning green beans and pickles and fruits to have during the winter.

  • My goal this summer is to can from my garden and the farmer’s market and stock my entire pantry! I want to try and keep my food local.

  • I would be using this set to preserve Jams, Tomatoes and Apples from my garden. I love my fresh foods but to put some away for the winter and have that memory of the harvest and sun on my back will make it even more special.

  • Sauce, beets, tomato soup, chicken broth, salsa, beans, potatoes, applesauce, and lots more!

  • It would be nice to start canning alot of the veggies that come out of the garden this year instead of freezing them or losing them to overabundance due to mother natures abundance!

  • Tomatoes are growing well and I would love this for making my homemade sauces, such as enchilada, tomato and spaghetti along with salsa and canned tomatoes!

  • I’d love to can my tomatoes-stewed, sauces, etc. I’ve got peppers too…maybe I’ll see how those could be incorporated. I think I’d even do something with raspberry and blueberry jam. 🙂

  • I have a whole canning book with little bookmarks in it ready and waiting with canning ideas! Tomatoes are a natural choice for me, but I wouldn’t limit myself. 🙂

  • I would can applesauce with the whole kit. The magnetic lid picker upper & jar picker upper would’ve handy for canning tomatoes, green beans, and pickles.

  • Hot-pack pickles. Or raspberry jam. Or even blackberry jam. Jam is always great to preserve!

  • I have a whole garden full of veggies that I plan on putting away this year. Including some yummy strawberry/rhubarb jam grown fresh from the garden as well. <3

  • I would definitely use this a lot! I got my current canning pot at a thrift shop. I love it, but it’s got a coat of rust on the bottom now. I would use this one to can tomatoes (30 lbs last season!) as well as seasonal jams and LOTS of dilly beans!

  • I would preserve some yummy soups that would be great on a cold evening this winter. Tomatoes, corn, green beans, all that good stuff

    • Tomatoes, Spaghetti sauce with lots of vegetables hidden in there that my kids don’t know about ;-).

  • I just found your website a couple of weeks ago and I love it:) Thanks for what you do here! I’m hoping to can some tomatoes and fire roasted red bell peppers this summer.

  • Very interested in canning. Last year was my first year and borrowed a water bath canner to do some applesauce. Since I am new to canning, I need all the help I can get. 🙂

  • I remember canning with my mom growing up – tomatos, green beans… Personally, I would love to start canning tomato sauce. I use it in so many recipes.

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