Start with Your Soil – At Home Soil Testing Methods for Gardeners

Soil is not “dirt.” It is the dynamic ecosystem on which all living things depend. Soil is a critical natural resource that can be improved with thoughtful stewardship. Studying your soil can help your garden more productively and can guide your efforts to improve and regenerate your soil over time, leading to healthier crops with fewer pests and diseases. You can learn a lot about your soil and how to make it better by performing simple tests right in your garden.

 50 Ways to Love Your Mother - Simple Steps for a Greener, Healthier Planet50 Ways to Love Your Mother – Simple Steps for a Greener, Healthier Planet is the green living primer you need if you want to make a difference in creating a healthy world for future generations.

With 50 simple, “entry-level” ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, not only will these baby steps go easy on the planet, but they will go easy on your wallet, too.

This booklet contains:

  • 7 no-nonsense water-saving tips
  • 12 simple ways to save on your electricity bill
  • 7 powerful ways to reduce toxins in your home
  • 11 easy and effective ways to reduce waste
  • 7 smart ways to save on gas
  • 6 surprising methods for reducing consumption

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50 Ways to Love Your Mother contains 50 simple steps you can take today that will not only go easy on the planet, but your wallet, too.


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50 Ways to Love Your Mother - Simple Steps for a Greener, Healthier Planet


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