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THRIVE Solar Lantern – Support a Cause

The THRIVE Solar Lantern is a high quality, yet affordable, state-of-the-art solar LED light, sold in over 15 countries. Your purchase helps support the development and use of solar technology in the developing world.

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  • BEST LED on the Market. No light bulb needed. Bright LED chip invented by the 2014 Nobel Laureate for Physics. Two modes of brightness. After one day’s charge under the sun, you get up to 5-10 hours of light.
  • ALL SUN. No separate batteries needed. The built in 0.5W solar panel makes solar charging easy. Just lay it down to soak up the sun. Don’t worry about the rain. It’s water resistant.
  • STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT. Portable: 1.5x3x6″, 3 oz. The back panel: strong recycled plastics. We tested it by throwing it, and running over it with a car, and it remained intact and functional.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL. For your toolbox, emergency kit, glove compartment, and backpack. Stands on its own, can be handheld, strapped to your backpack, or hang from above.
  • GIVE BACK. Your purchase of this Solar Lantern supports remote villagers in the developing world. Support clean-tech and renewable energy products.

We guarantee the quality of the THRIVE Solar Lantern with a 12 month warranty.

Get yours now and make sure you have a reliable emergency light handy in the glove compartment, emergency kits, and tool drawers.

Learn more about the THRIVE donation program here.