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Get a FREE Energy Assessment and Save Hundreds a Year!

There’s a lot you can do to reduce your electricity bill by potentially hundreds of dollars a year.

Free Energy AssessmentSome steps you can take include:

In fact, there are hundreds of ways to save energy and money, but wading through it all can be a big hassle. Where do you start?

We would all love to have clean, green energy powering our homes. But how can we do it in a way that doesn’t break the bank? Do we have to make lifestyle sacrifices in the bargain?

This confusion can keep us from taking action.

Like me, I’m guessing you’re pretty busy. At my house, the time it takes to do the research on green energy providers, solar panels, energy saving appliances, etc. and follow through on all of it, pretty much means it’s not getting done. And that means money thrown out the window.


But what if there was someone out there who could help you sort through it all?

Someone who could look at your utility bill and learn more about how you use electricity in your home and make the best energy saving recommendations for YOU?

Someone who could walk you, step by step, through the daunting process of signing up for clean energy, or getting financing or leases for solar panels, or choosing the right lightbulbs and appliances?

Fortunately, there is, and I am so excited about it!

Domino is a free concierge service that helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

Your Domino concierge will assess your energy needs and create a custom action plan for you, covering light bulbs to solar panels and everything in between. Whether you rent or own your home, Domino will help you create a plan perfect for your needs. Your results may vary, but Domino customers save an average of $100,000 over the course of their energy plan!

Domino concierges aren’t salespeople, so you can choose which actions you want to take, and your concierge will help you get them done.

And did I mention the service is FREE? Oh yeah!

When I had my free energy saving consultation, Laura, my concierge, asked me a bunch of questions, like about whether I rented or owned my home; what my average energy bill was; whether I had gas appliances; what type of heating and cooling I have; what type of light bulbs I use, etc.

Now, I already do a lot of green things at home to save energy and money, but at the end of the call, Laura offered me three incredibly valuable things that even this veteran treehugger was enormously grateful for:

1. She researched and found several solar panel incentives and subsidies available in my city so I could make a pitch to my landlord, who is open to solar, but only if it doesn’t cost him a fortune. This saved me HOURS of research, and checked something off my to-do list that had been there for over a year, *ahem*, a long time. 🙂

Honestly, who knows when I would have gotten that research done, but she did it for me in just an hour, just like that! And she also sent me links to energy saving programs offered by my current electric company and to local green energy providers, just in case my landlord says no.

This means I have the info I need to get off fossil fuels, no matter what.


2. She convinced me that if I could install a ceiling fan (I can), I could easily swap out my ancient, broken thermostat for a new programmable one that would give me much better control over my wall furnace than ON or OFF.

I knew the value in having a programmable thermostat, but I was totally afraid to install one myself. Now I’m not. This will probably save me at least $300 this winter, and make my house much more comfortable.

3. And, finally she sent me information about something called “hypermiling—a series of driving techniques I had never heard of that could save me at least $40 in gas a month.

The energy plan she created for me is laid out in my personal Dashboard on the Domino website, where I not only won’t lose it, but I can also get any additional assistance I might need.

The whole conversation took about 20 minutes, and it was fun, free, and there wasn’t even a nanosecond of sales-pitch or pressure to do anything.

My personalized plan arrived in my email about an hour later, and now I am both excited to save even more money each month, AND have all the info I need to convince my landlord how much more valuable this home would be with solar panels on it!

Frankly, I think Domino is amazing! Their mission is to help people like you and me get off of fossil fuels as much as possible, and help us save a ton of money while doing it. Not many companies have such a socially beneficial mission!

So sign up to have a conversation with a concierge at Domino today, and get your own free energy saving plan! I know you’ll be as grateful as I am that you did!

You really don’t want to miss this.

I’m saving a lot of money, saving the planet. Feels good! You can too!

Won’t you join me?

Sign up to talk with a concierge here to enter!

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