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sustainability starts at home

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Small Footprint Fridays #7 – A Sustainable Living Link-Up!

Small Footprint Fridays #7 – A Sustainable Living Link-Up!

Welcome back to another Small Footprint Friday—a blog link-up party about sustainable living. Every Friday, we come together to support and encourage each other in living greener, healthier more sustainable lives.

By joining together and sharing our wisdom, we can help turn the tide on our health and environmental crises, and create a better world for our children and grandchildren.

There are so many things we can learn from each other, like how to:

  • save energy, water, trees, gas, and other resources;
  • grow, preserve and store food;
  • avoid toxins and heal ourselves naturally;
  • make our own necessities;
  • reduce our consumption, recycle our waste, and reuse what we have;
  • redefine what makes life meaningfulprosperous and abundant
What could be more inspiring? So, let’s have some fun!

How It Works

1.  Share your posts that relate to “green” or sustainable living. There are some ideas above, but feel free to post anything related to keeping your family’s resource footprint small and sustainable. Posts from your archives are OK. Please enter the title and link to your POST (not your home page) in the Linky below.

NO RECIPES, PLEASE, unless they are for food preservation/storage. There are tons of recipe link-ups out there. Small Footprint Fridays has a different focus. :)
We want these links to be valuable to readers months or even years from now, so please don’t post giveaways or products for sale.

2.  In your post, please place a link back to THIS Small Footprint Fridays post (NOT to the home page). Linking back directly to this week’s link-up page helps build our community by sending your readers to all of the other posts shared.

Simply make a link at the end of your post that says something like, “Posted at Small Footprint Fridays” or save the badge below and use it to link back to this page. I reserve the right to delete those links that don’t adhere to this.

Small Footprint Fridays - A sustainable living link-up

3.  I’ll post the Small Footprint Fridays Link-Up on Thursday night around 8 p.m. (PST). Please come and join up then!

4.  Please leave a comment, and help our sustainable living community grow by sharing Small Footprint Fridays with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest! Plus, doing so will help your post get more visitors.

5.  Most importantly, be sure to visit a few of the links that interest you. Learning from and encouraging each other is what this is all about, after all!

Last Week’s Most Popular Posts

Rethinking the Safety of Cast Iron Pans from Yearning and Learning

Are Your Homemade Beauty Products Safe? from Thank Your Body

DIY Bath Fizzies, Lip Balms and Scrubs from Axiom at Home

Now It’s Your Turn…

I can’t wait to see what you have to share!!

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  1. So many great ideas by so many people. I love these posts!! I linked my wild yeast sourdough bread starter. It’s so easy to do and every person’s bread will taste different due to their own wild yeasts growing in their home.

  2. Thanks for hosting, Dawn… and for the feature!

    Today I’ve link up an article that talks about BPA and the hidden places its lurking.

  3. Thanks for hosting Dawn! This week I’m sharing a few thoughts on eggs natures most perfect food.

  4. Thanks for hosting! Today I shared “Making Kefir Video Class” which is so easy to do at home and if cared for properly, the grains will last for years! Plus,they multiply so you can share them with friends!

  5. Hi Dawn! I shared 5 Reasons Why Calories DON’T Count. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Good morning and thanks for hosting! It made my day to see my post last week was popular!! :) This week I shared a post about drinking warm lemon water in the mornings and what to do with all the rinds.

    Happy Friday!

  7. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  8. Hi Dawn! I just shared a post about driving through the English countryside and finding all the groceries we needed, from very unconventional sources. Fun!

  9. Thanks for hosting Dawn!

    Oil Pulling is my favorite and easiest method of detox, so I have shared a comprehensive guide with instructions. This is one anyone can do!

    The Official Scent of Christmas: A Simmering Potpourri Recipe (and a peek into our holiday preparations)

    The simmering potpourri will let you enjoy the scent of the holidays without all of the baking or working around foods you need to avoid. Hint: no dishes to wash or ‘mock’ recipe disappointment for those of us on restricted diets. Did I mention no dishes to wash?!?

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