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Real Food Recipes

As a busy mom, the majority of my recipes are seasonal, simple and require little time in the kitchen. Because of food sensitivities and health issues, we eat 100% whole food, and all recipes are gluten, grain and soy free. The majority of them are also raw, dairy-free, Paleo/Primal-friendly and GAPS/SCD-legal.

Because we eat seasonally, I often post more than one recipe per article for whatever food is being harvested that week. This means that as you browse the recipes, you will see certain headlines listed more than once.

For example, in All Aboard the Turnip Truck, there is both a salad recipe and a side dish recipe using turnips and turnip greens, and in Date Night!, there are 3 different ways to enjoy fresh dates.

There are also recipes for non-toxic personal care items like homemade toothpaste, eco-friendly household cleaners, organic gardening formulas, and arts and crafts supplies like non-toxic fingerpaint.

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