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Small Footprint Family is the website of Dawn Gifford—a “green” mom, author, eco-preneur, and locavore foodie located in San Diego, California. She is the primary author on the site, and editor for all contributing writers.

Content on SFF includes gardening and homesteading education, tips for reducing one’s environmental footprint, avoiding toxins in the home, research and commentary on environmental issues, whole food nutrition (including gluten and grain-free recipes), holistic health, and earth-conscious parenting and home life.

Small Footprint readers include people interested in:

  • eco-friendly living and “green” products,
  • environmentally-conscious politics,
  • environmentally-conscious parenting,
  • alternative medicine and nutrition,
  • organic gardening, homesteading and sustainable agriculture,
  • local and whole foods, including pasture-raised meats, eggs and dairy, sustainably-harvested seafood,  artisinal, heirloom or traditionally prepared whole foods, and
  • families and individuals who avoid gluten, soy, and other food allergens.

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  • 250,000 average page views a month, and rapidly growing
  • 100,000 average unique visits a month, and rapidly growing
  • Over 3,500 newsletter subscribers
  • 34,150 Facebook fans
  • 5,185 Pinterest followers
  • Named one of 30 Top Mom Blogs by The Safest Line.
  • Featured on the Best Green Blogs Directory and The Green Mom Review.

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Please visit our Passionfruit page for ad pricing and availability.


All of the opinions shared on Small Footprint Family are those of the post author solely. Please know that we would never recommend a product, website, or service unless it is something that we actually use and love. It is our goal that readers are able to trust that what is published is always real, honest, and true.

NO amount of money will ever affect my opinion on a subject. We will always be thorough and honest when reviewing products. We will gladly turn down offers that do not fit into the mission or philosophy behind Small Footprint Family. 

Thank you for your interest in supporting a healthier planet through Small Footprint Family!