GIVEAWAY: RainBird Drip Irrigation Kit {$30 Value!}

Fresh water is becoming scarce all over the world, even in seemingly wet places like Florida or Michigan. So it is very important that we use water conservation methods whenever we can. 

Landscape irrigation is one of the biggest uses of household water during the summer, so anything you can do to save water outside your home will also save you at least $75 a year.

Waste Not, Want Not

Sprinkler systems are typically very inefficient. They spray water all over the place, not just on your plants, and often they spray or run off onto the sidewalk, driveway, etc. where the water is simply wasted. And watering the leaves of your plants, instead of the soil, not only doesn’t hydrate them, but it can also lead to the spread of fungal diseases.

A drip irrigation system, in contrast, delivers water slowly and directly to the base of your plants, making sure they get what they need and nothing is lost to run-off, evaporation or overspray. In fact, a drip irrigation system can save thousands of gallons a year in irrigation water, not to mention a ton of money.

If you are a vegetable gardener that needs to water your crops every day, a drip irrigation system will not only save you a lot of water and inconvenience (who wants to hold a hose!), but it will also save you a ton of time too!

The Prize

Well, you voted for it on Facebook, and here it is! This month’s giveaway is this very useful RainBird Drip Irrigation Kit!

This All-In-One Drip System waters a 75 square foot area. It attaches easily to your outside faucet, takes care of regulating pressure, filtering sediment and preventing back flow—the three essentials to make a drip system work efficiently.

The tubing is easy to cut and connect and can be set up to conform to your landscaped area. You can use the drip tubing for larger areas and widely spaced plants, and then connect the drip emitters for spot watering.

This kit is highly adaptable and expandable. If you need additional drip tubing, couplings, or emitters to fit your particular garden, RainBird extra parts are very affordable and easy to install. The configurations are endless, and if you add a timer like this one, you can water your entire landscape efficiently and automatically!

Each Drip Irrigation Kit Contains:

  • (1) Faucet Connection Kit,
  • (50-foot) 1/2-inch emitter Tubing,
  • (50-foot) 1/2-inch tubing,
  • (25-foot) 1/4-inch tubing,
  • (2) 1/2-inch barbed couplings,
  • (3) 1/2-inch barbed tees,
  • (2) 1/2-inch barbed elbows,
  • (1) 1/2-inch end closure,
  • (10) galvanized stakes,
  • (5) 1/4-inch barbed tees,
  • (2) 1/4-inch barbed couplings,
  • (5) 1/4-inch tubing stakes,
  • (10) 1/4-inch tubing plugs,
  • (5) 1.0 GPH spot watering emitters, and
  • (1) emitter tool.

Enter to Win this RainBird Drip Irrigation Kit!

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Official Rules

  • No purchase necessary.
  • Giveaway open to residents of the U.S. Canadian residents will receive an Amazon gift certificate of equivalent value.
  • The giveaway begins April 28, 2014 and will end May 15, 2014 at 12:00am PST.
  • This giveaway is hosted and paid for by Dawn Gifford and Small Footprint Family.
  • The prize was selected by informal Facebook vote, and is one RainBird Drip Irrigation Kit, valued at $30. The odds of winning are approximately 1 in 500, though it depends on how many people enter the giveaway.
  • Prizes will be shipped directly from Amazon to the winner’s home, and any exchanges or returns should be handled by Amazon. Canadian residents will receive an Amazon gift certificate of equivalent value, which will be delivered by email.
  • Winners will be selected via integrated with the Rafflecopter widget. Winners will be announced within 1 week of the last day of the giveaway in a post on this blog.
  • Winners will have 1 week from the last day of the giveaway to claim their prize by contacting Small Footprint Family with your full name and mailing address.

About the author

Dawn Gifford

Dawn is the creator of Small Footprint Family, and the author of the critically acclaimed Sustainability Starts at Home – How to Save Money While Saving the Planet. After a 20-year career in green building and environmental sustainability, chronic illness forced her to shift her expertise and passion from the public sphere to home and hearth. Get the whole story behind SFF here.


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  • I live in Utah and I am disabled. The biggest problem with me having a garden is the difficulty I have watering it properly. This drip irrigation system would be the perfect solution in this very dry climate.

  • This sounds like a great way to help the plants in my huge garden get the water they need and conserving water at the same time.

  • I’ve been interested in trying drip irrigation but have been intimidated by all of the pieces. I’m looking for a set that is quick and easy to use. I’d love to try this one.

  • I feel like this would do a better job of deeply watering my veg garden without waste than the hand watering I’m doing now.

  • I would love to be able to use drip irrigation to both conserve water and to be able to easily water without having to stand there forever with the hose!

  • We’re moving to Texas and that means we need drip irrigation for the foundation of our house. This would be an excellent start. And if our house already has one, then I can use this for my garden!

  • We are collecting rainwater from the metal roof of our tool shed and also our outhouse! The water is stored in three 1,100 gallon water storage tanks. We deliver it to our orchard with a drip irrigation system and zero pressure battery operated timers. We need another drip irrigation system for our growing vegetable garden now and this package would fit the bill nicely! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • I have a well for my water and need to conserve but water enough that my plants can grow so this would help me.

  • I would like to win this system for our flower garden in the front of our house. This would work great since they are planted fairly separate from each other and then would keep from wasting so much water in that area because it’s on the South side of the house and gets a lot of hit sun in the summer.

  • In Southern CA, we really need to conserve water. This would be great for the garden I’m planting in my front yard. It would also be a time saver if I don’t need to water by hand.

  • I like that it has everything you need. I often stare at the parts on an aisle and then walk away because I’m just not sure what to do with them all.

  • I have a beautiful cabin on the edge of the lake with a VERY DRY hillside above that could use this help to make things green up and grow!

  • I like that it includes everything you need to set up an irrigation system. This will make watering my garden much easier.

  • What a great thing! We are just putting in a garden and have been wondering what to do about watering. This is a great idea! Love it!

  • We don’t have automatic sprinklers and just put in a garden. This would be way more efficient and a lot easier to use. I would love love love to get it.

  • My mom grows a small garden for a large amount of tomatoes – she makes delicious salsa every year, and it wouldn’t happen without her garden.

  • I just started gardening this year and am trying container gardening. It’s so much fun that I’m already planning raised beds for next year. This irrigation system would be awesome in those beds!

  • I am moving to a new house in a new zone. We have to restart brand new about the garden, small fruits and fruits trees. It would be a nice addition to the new garden.

  • I am hoping to expand my little garden and would love a system like this to utilize. Hoping it might work with my rain barrel as well as I’m trying to conserve wherever I can!

  • My family could definitely use this to save money while creating our organic gardening and trying our best to convert to a sustainable lifestyle. *Finger crossed!*

  • Trying to grow some of our own food (or anything, for that matter!) here in the water-starved southwest, is a challenge! Keeping plants properly hydrated can be quite difficult and time consuming. Winning this set would make watering so much more efficient, as the water would soak slowly down into the soil and to the roots instead of pooling on the surface of the clay soil and sitting around the stems until it either soaked in or evaporated in the heat and wind! With the addition of a timer, this could make watering automatic and I wouldn’t have to worry about our little fledgling garden when we travel this summer.

  • I would love to put this Drip Irrigation Kit to good use. My city has been taking aggressive action in community water conservation; also, last year birds ate all my vegetables and herbs in my garden and someone stole my watering system and hose and accessories.

  • Man o man, I have been dreaming of having one of these forever. It would be most helpful as my health has created a great hinderance to my ability to care for a garden. This would free up much time and energy allowing me to better put to use those resources in order to produce food my family relies on. With a surgery date scheduled this June and the subsequent recovery time this would be a literal life saver.

  • We want to set up an aquaponics system but we are going to do it in Arizona so any watering system will make it ever so much easier… This is something very much like what we have been looking at.

  • I would like to win because we have a pretty large garden, and watering can be a pain sometimes. 😉

  • My husband is about to start a garden with my friends husband. She has cancer and is going the healthy juicing, macrobiotic route. They would love this drip kit as the garden. My husband lives off grid in an RV parked on someone’s land in the woods, with no utilities at all except a solar panel to charge his phone. This would really help as there is a creek that he is setting up for water flow to the garden.

  • Drip systems rock! They make watering so easy and automatic is you have a timer. The ony way to go. I would love to have this and would use it!!

  • Yay….I voted on this prize….Here in Florida even though we get a rainy season, it’s August onwards that the heat is still around and the rain slows down, my veggie patch dwindles so fast….with water restrictions in place it gets even harder. I’d love to put one of these in to extend the season.

  • I live @ the summit of a mountain. I have built all raised layered beds, and sometimes, it gets very dry. Surely RainbBird Drip Irrigation would definitely solve this dilemma. I also would like to be able to tell my gardening friends about a wonderful watering solution to their watering problems. : )

  • Would love to win this. We keep expanding our garden in an effort to grow more of our own food, and an irrigation system would definitely simplify things.

  • My husband has just built me a rain water collection system. I have been looking into this type of drip system to use with my rain water. I think it would do wonderfully.

  • The second blog comment entry is for tempered glass storage containers. I don’t see this listed as a prize, so I believe it may be a mistake. However if this is a prize that’s available I’d love to win it so my family and I could eliminate using plastic sandwich bags completely.

  • I absolutely love that this does’t require digging! My husband is a disabled Army vet and I am mildly disabled as well. He tried to dig a garden for us once and there was so much hard rock underneath the dirt t made this impossible! For now we’re trying container gardening. Thanks!

  • I replace my tupperware all the time because it stains and warps. This is not good finacially or environmentally. Also, the glass storage containers are healthier than plastic.

  • It gets very hot and dry here in the summer and this would be an efficient way to water vegetables that would provide even watering and not one lump watering.

  • I want to expand our garden, and having a toddler we have limited time to tend to it. Cutting down watering time with this would be perfect for us!

  • I am old & on a limited fixed income. My walking is limited to a walker, but I have a raised bed garden. I would like to win the Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Set to increase my yield in my garden. I really can’t afford to purchase a drip system. Carrying the water or even dragging a hose is difficult.
    I’ve also found soaker hoses attached to a garden hose is not very reliable. I appreciate the chance to win this system.

  • We recently purchased a new home and I’m planning to put in raised garden beds, this would be so much nicer than the soaker hoses I was planning to use.

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