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sustainability starts at home

Orgasmically Good Deviled Eggs with Bacon and Dill

Posted in Real Food Recipes, Side Dishes, Snacks | 1 comment

I just love eggs. They are a cheap, delicious superfood that nourishes my family’s body and soul. And springtime is when the hens start laying again and when many religions and traditions include eggs in their rites as a symbol of fertility and abundance. This means there is often a surplus of hard-boiled eggs around.

That’s when I like to make deviled eggs. 

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Easy Gluten-Free Meatballs with Vegetables and Herbs

Posted in Main Dishes, Side Dishes | 3 comments

This gluten free meatball recipe fits a variety of special diets such as GAPS, Paleo, Nutritional Balancing or SCD. But even if you aren’t on a healing diet, these are quick, easy and so delicious!

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21 Dairy Free, Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Posted in Side Dishes, Treats | 0 comments

Holidays can be tough for people with food allergies or sensitivities. Most traditional dishes seem to be loaded up with wheat, corn, butter, milk, and more, making it hard to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal.

Here are 21 delicious, healthy, dairy free and gluten free Thanksgiving recipes to complete your main dish (turkey, ham, etc.). Each is a twist on a traditional favorite that will make your holiday dinner safe and satisfying for everyone. 

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How to Cure Bacon at Home

Posted in Saving Money, Side Dishes | 18 comments

If you eat bacon, then you should know how important it is to get pork from pigs that haven’t been tortured in industrial feedlots, shot up with pharmaceuticals and antibiotics, and then processed with toxic chemical additives and nitrites. 

This means you need to buy pork from organic sources—or better yet, from a farm that raises their pigs naturally on pasture and forage.

But have you priced organic, pasture-raised bacon lately? It’s $8.99 a package in my area! So, here’s how to cure bacon at home, (and have it taste even better than store-bought!) 

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Snap Pea Bounty {with Two Recipes}

Posted in Raw & Fermented, Salads, Side Dishes | 18 comments

The first snow and sugar snap peas are ready for harvest from the garden, so Babyzilla and I went out and picked enough for dinner tonight. Babyzilla has never had either sugar snap or snow peas before, but after her first taste, she reached into the basket again and again for more.

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Simple Pickled Beets (And How to Grow Them)

Posted in Gardening, Raw & Fermented, Real Food Recipes, Side Dishes | 34 comments

‘Tis the season for greens, greens, roots, and more greens. This week in our CSA box, we got a lovely bunch of beets, and I picked up several more pounds of them at the farm market too.

There is something about the New Year that has me in the mood for pickled beets. 

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Easy (Grain Free) Root Vegetable Pancakes

Posted in Breakfast, Side Dishes, Snacks | 14 comments

I think there’s nothing like a fried, shredded vegetable pancake to fill you up and bring you comfort. This recipe definitely fits the bill—without grains, gluten, dairy or nuts. 

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Four Easy Pickle Recipes

Posted in Raw & Fermented, Real Food Recipes, Side Dishes | 27 comments

The cucumbers are ripe in the Small Footprint garden, and with the amount in my garden and my CSA box, it seemed like a good time to make pickles. And with so many things ripe in the garden right now, once I got started, I caught a “pickle bug” and just couldn’t stop.

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Cutting the Mustard (Greens)

Posted in Condiments, Gardening, Raw & Fermented, Side Dishes | 17 comments

Mustard greens are fast growing, nutritious leafy greens that grow well both in the garden and in containers. Mustard can be planted in both the spring and fall garden. In fact, to ensure a steady supply of these spicy, flavorful greens, fall is the best time to plant them.

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Shiso Fabulous!

Posted in Raw & Fermented, Side Dishes | 6 comments

This week the CSA box had a big bunch of shiso. I haven’t eaten shiso—also called perilla, beefsteak plant, or sesame leaf—since I lived in South Korea over 15 years ago, so the bunch in my box inspired me to research traditional Korean dishes this week.

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All Aboard the Turnip Truck {with Two Recipes}

Posted in Raw & Fermented, Salads, Side Dishes | 2 comments

Turnips are in season now and an abundance of greens and roots are being harvested to fill CSA baskets and farmer’s markets across the United States. Native to western Asia, the turnip has served as food for humans and their livestock for centuries.

In fact, the humble turnip was a daily staple in Europe long before potatoes were. 

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Watermelon Rind Pickles

Posted in Raw & Fermented, Side Dishes | 10 comments

Melons are ready for harvest and this week I found a yellow watermelon and a cantaloupe in my CSA box. Seems like as good a time as any to make an old-fashioned Southern treat: Watermelon rind pickles. 

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Our Favorite Homemade Sauerkraut

Posted in Raw & Fermented, Side Dishes | 1 comment

The cabbage looper worms and I have been at war for the last two months, and every day, I go out to the garden with a can of soapy water and carefully pick them off the undersides of my well-chomped cabbage and kale leaves, and drown them.

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