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Uncommonly Good Coconut Chicken Curry from an Uncommonly Wonderful Cookbook

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When I arrived in Seoul, South Korea almost 18 years ago, on my very first trip abroad—a teaching and traveling tour—I was shocked to discover that food was growing everywhere.

Squashes in pots climbed the side of gas pumps, peppers and cabbages grew in the downtown public landscaping beds, bitter melons scrambled up trellises in front of stores, shiso and other herbs bloomed on rooftops—almost anywhere one could squeeze in a container of soil, you’d find food growing. It was a gardener’s paradise!

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Easy Gluten-Free Meatballs with Vegetables and Herbs

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This gluten free meatball recipe fits a variety of special diets such as GAPS, Paleo, Nutritional Balancing or SCD. But even if you aren’t on a healing diet, these are quick, easy and so delicious!

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New Year’s Hoppin’ John Recipe with Kale

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Eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day is an old Southern tradition. In fact black-eyed peas have been a symbol of luck and prosperity since Biblical times at least. Here’s a delicious way to enjoy their tasty, lucky goodness this year. 

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Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers: Black Friday Pie and Turkey Soup with Root Vegetables

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From farm to table, Americans waste about 40% of all the food we produce. In this season of gratitude, it seems especially tragic to let so much bounty end up in the landfill. Here are two delicious ways to make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers…

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Four Traditional Ways to Prepare Raw Beef

Posted in Main Dishes, Raw & Fermented | 19 comments

Many experts now agree with the traditional wisdom that eating 50% or more of our foods in a raw or fermented state can foster optimal health and nutrition.

Fresh, local, organic foods in their raw or fermented state are nutrient-dense and packed with enzymes and beneficial lacto-bacteria that help us absorb vitamins and maintain a healthy digestive system. This is especially true of raw, pasture-raised meats, eggs and dairy, as well as wild caught seafood. 

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“Stank-a-Dank” Slow Cooker Pork Spare Ribs

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Every time I make them, my Chinese 5-Spice Pork Ribs fill the whole house for hours with their intensely sweet, pungent aroma. For this reason, my husband recently started calling them “Stank-a-Dank Ribs.” 

So, after elaborate polling and random double-blind sampling a Facebook vote, “Stank-a-Dank Ribs” became their official new name. 😀

These stinky-but-delicious, Asian-style crock pot pork spare ribs are super easy, tender and juicy every time. They taste especially yummy served over stir-fry veggies, bok choi, cauliflower “rice” or a big salad. 

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30 Minute Chili Recipe

Posted in Main Dishes | 8 comments

This recipe has been on our weekly menu plan since July, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. This chili is light and fresh tasting because I use tomatoes from the garden, a jar or a tetrapak instead of from a toxic, BPA-lined aluminum can.

This chili is also a great way to use up some ground meat or leftover beans, and to get some nutrient-dense liver, bone broth, and seaweed into your diet without tasting it! (You can leave out the beans if you are on GAPS or Paleo.) 

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Traditionally Prepared Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder

Posted in Main Dishes | 23 comments

Some health professionals believe that pork is a particularly inflammatory food. There is some evidence to suggest that this is true.

However, most Americans do not eat pasture-raised pork, nor do they prepare it using the traditional methods that we have used for thousands of years, and I believe this makes a big difference. 

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Raw Eggplant Ravioli

Posted in Main Dishes, Raw & Fermented | 7 comments

Eggplants are ready for harvest in the garden, and they are making their appearance in my CSA box too. Eggplants are beautiful, relatively easy vegetables to grow and delicious, diversely nutritious vegetables to eat. 

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Minimal-Mercury Marinated Tuna

Posted in Health & Nutrition, Main Dishes, Raw & Fermented | 3 comments

Americans eat nearly three pounds of tuna each every year (usually in cans), making it the nation’s second most popular seafood after shrimp. The government promotes it via school lunch programs, WIC (the federal food program for poor women and children), and even in the U.S. Department of Agriculture dietary recommendations.

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