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30 Minute Chili Recipe

30 Minute Chili Recipe

This recipe has been on our weekly menu plan since July, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. This chili is light and fresh tasting because I use tomatoes from the garden, a jar or a tetrapak instead of from a toxic, BPA-lined aluminum can.

This chili is also a great way to use up some ground meat or leftover beans, and to get some nutrient-dense liver, bone broth, and seaweed into your diet without tasting it! (You can leave out the beans if you are on GAPS or Paleo.) 

But perhaps the best part of this recipe is that if you use pre-prepared beans and tomatoes, it only takes about 30 minutes to make.

For a nutrient-dense, real food meal, that’s awesome!

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30 Minute Chili Recipe
Serves 4
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  1. 1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil
  2. 1 pound pasture-raised ground beef, pork, turkey or combination
  3. 2-4 ounces pasture raised beef or chicken livers, minced (Optional, but recommended)
  4. 1 small onion, finely diced (or 1/2 a large onion)
  5. 1/2 cup homemade broth (beef or chicken), or purified water
  6. 3 heaping cups de-seeded, crushed/chopped fresh tomatoes, or 1 (25 ounce) glass jar or tetrapak of prepared chopped tomatoes (Do not use canned; the cans contain toxic BPA.)
  7. 2 cups (or 1 can) cooked organic kidney beans, navy beans, or bean of your choice (Choose beans in BPA-free cans, such as Eden or Westbrae brands)
  8. 1 cup diced peppers or veggies of choice (optional)
  9. 1 Tbsp. (3-4 cloves) garlic, minced
  10. 2 Tbsp. chili powder
  11. 1/2 tsp. paprika
  12. 1/2 tsp. dried oregano
  13. 1/2 tsp. ground cayenne pepper, or to taste (Omit if feeding children.)
  14. 1/2 tsp. ground cumin
  15. 1/2 tsp. sea salt
  16. 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
  17. 1 Tbsp. dulse flakes (Optional)
  1. Heat the oil in a large pot or heavy wok over medium heat.
  2. Place ground meat and liver in the pot, and sauté until evenly brown.
  3. Stir in onion, and sauté until soft.
  4. Stir in peppers or veggies, if using, and sauté until mostly cooked.
  5. Stir in minced garlic, and sauté until fragrant (just a minute or so).
  6. Pour broth or water into the pot. Mix in tomatoes and cooked beans.
  7. Add chili powder, paprika, oregano, cumin, salt, and pepper. Also add cayenne and dulse flakes, if using. Stir thoroughly.
  8. Bring to a strong bubble, then reduce heat to low, and simmer 15-20 minutes, or until chili reaches your preferred thickness.
  9. Enjoy with a big salad!
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